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Virtual Panel: Distributed Energy in Cities

February 23, 2017

Join us Friday for a Virtual Panel on: Distributed Energy in Cities

Led by: Dan Zimmerle (Colorado State), Sairaj Dhople (University of Minnesota), Vijay Modi (Columbia University), Mo Li (University of Minnesota), Anu Ramaswami (University of Minnesota)


Moderated by Frank Douma (University of Minnesota)

Friday February 24, 2:30 to 4:30 PM Central


To view or join the discussion on FridayJoin Here, Access Code: 383-419-437.

These lectures and discussions are part of a course offered by the MSSTEP Program and the Sustainable Healthy Cities Network, Infrastructure Transformations for Sustainable Healthy Cities: Design and Policy.


Daniel Zimmerle
Daniel Zimmerle, Colorado State University
Sairaj Dhople
Sairaj Dhople, University of Minnesota
Anu Ramaswami
Anu Ramaswami, University of Minnesota
Vljay Modi
Vljay Modi, Columbia University
Frank Douma, Senior Fellow
Frank Douma, University of Minnesota