NEW STUDIES: Gardening, land footprinting, and more

March 31, 2020

Sustainable Healthy Cities Network researchers published several new papers in the first quarter of 2020.

Dana Boyer and Anu Ramaswami compared urban food systems in four cities across the United States and India, quantifying system-wide water, energy/GHG, and land impacts. Princeton University highlighted this research in a news story from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Read the full paper in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Anu Ramaswami wrote about how multi-objective sustainability planning in cities must address seven key physical provisioning systems. Read the full article in One Earth.

Lin Zeng and Anu Ramaswami developed a tool for examining consumption-based land footprints, which combines indirect land use (land used for providing consumer goods such as food and clothing) with direct use (homes and infrastructure). Read the full article in Environmental Science & Technology.

Graham Ambrose, Kirti Das, Yingling Fan, and Anu Ramaswami measured the emotional well-being reported by study participants while household gardening. Read the full article in Landscape and Urban Planning.