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Food Action Planning

Food Action Planning

Minneapolis Food Action Planning

The Sustainable Healthy Cities Network has partnered with the City of Minneapolis is developing a roadmap toward a more equitable, climate resilient, just and sustainable local food system and local food economy. The goal of the Minneapolis Food Action Plan (MFAP) is to develop a 2030 roadmap for Minneapolis food systems action, building on previous efforts and plans, aligning with Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and incorporating data and community input. MFAP will serve as an appendix to the City’s Climate Action Plan and a stand-alone framework with food systems data and recommended goals, strategies, tactics and measurable indicators for City of Minneapolis policy and investment and Food Council action. More information, and a schedule of public events, can be found on the city website.

Resources related to the project including background data for public meetings and past presentations are available here.

To provide feedback and input on the project, please refer to the city website.