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Masters and PhD graduate assistantships are available to study sustainable and healthy cities.

December 09, 2016

Sustainable Healthy Cities is a unique research network of universities, cities, governments, NGOs, and industry partners who are co-developing the science and practical knowledge that enables urban infrastructure transformation toward environmentally sustainable, healthy, and livable cities. We focus on infrastructure design as well as behavioral and policy levers to advance distributed infrastructure solutions to benefit people, cities, and the environment.

Assistantships are in graduate degree programs spanning a number of disciplines including engineering, urban planning, environmental science, environmental policy, public health, and public affairs.


The eight schools and key contacts are:

  • Frank Douma at The University of Minnesota (douma002@umn.edu)
  • Patricia Culligan at Columbia University (culligan@civil.columbia.edu)
  • Armistead Russell at Georgia Tech (ted.russell@ce.gatech.edu)
  • Dan Zimmerle at Colorado State University (Dan.Zimmerle@colostate.edu)
  • Bhavik Bakshi at Ohio State University (bakshi.2@osu.edu)
  • Richard Feiock at Florida State University (rfeiock@fsu.edu)
  • Kara Kockelman at The University of Texas (kkockelm@mail.utexas.edu)
  • Joshua Newell at The University of Michigan (jpnewell@umich.edu)



SRN Seeks Post-Doctoral Associate at University of Minnesota

October 06, 2016

The Sustainable Healthy Cities Network seeks a Post-Doctoral Associate to conduct research in an exciting interdisciplinary program, focusing on Sustainable Infrastructure and Cities at the University of Minnesota. Particular focus areas are: areas of energy modeling, the energy-health nexus, and/or the food-energy-water nexus. The work takes place in the broader context of sustainable urban infrastructure systems, under the direction of Professor Anu Ramaswami.

The position works on interdisciplinary research teams analyzing technology futures, spatial infrastructure design, and social and policy influences on urban infrastructure. The position also participates in and leads the preparation of proposals, reports, presentations, and technical papers; co-teaches SRN courses to graduate students; and assists in liaison activities with policy partners.

The successful candidate will play an exciting and key role in the Sustainable Healthy Cities network. He or she will have unique opportunities to engage with joint research across both disciplines and institutions, and to contribute to policy-relevant work with partner cities and international agencies.

We offer a vibrant interdisciplinary research group connecting science and engineering with sustainability system analysis and public policy to address some of society’s most pressing challenges.



  • PhD degree in energy-related field, with systems thinking and interdisciplinary skills.
  • Strong publication record.
  • Excellent communications, teamwork, and team leadership skills.


  • Experience in energy/modeling, energy-health nexus, and urban sustainability systems analysis
  • Training in fields such as Engineering, Energy Resources, Environmental Science, Industrial Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, and Engineering and Public Policy will be a good fit for the position.
  • Familiarity with energy futures models, integrated assessment models, spatial energy planning, air pollution and climate models, and input-output models will also be beneficial.

Apply through the University of Minnesota Employment Portal
(Job ID: 313241)