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Fisher and Ramaswami discuss Sustainable Healthy Cities, Urban Design & Disruptive Technologies to launch our network’s Spring 2017 course

January 19, 2017

Join us Friday for a discussion on: Sustainable Healthy Cities, Urban Design & Disruptive Technologies 

Led by: Prof. Thomas Fisher, Director, Minnesota Design Center, University of Minnesota College of Design, discussing: Disruptive Technology and Urban Form 


Prof. Anu Ramaswami, Director, Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, University of Minnesota, on: Meta-Principles for Developing Smart, Sustainable, and Healthy Cities

Followed by an on-line discussion about our urban future, connecting systems thinking, urban design, sustainability and health assessments with disruptive technologies.

Friday January 20, 3:00 to 4:30 PM Central

Participants can view PowerPoint presentations on these topics before the forum by opening the PDFs here and here. (For copies of the narrated PowerPoints, contact srn.cities@gmail.com).

To view or join the discussion on Friday: Join Here, Access Code: 383-419-437.