Journal Briefs


Advances and Challenges in Urban Green Infrastructure

  • August 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Patricia Culligan

This brief reports findings from an article considering multiple years of green infrastructure (GI) work in New York City as a basis to review the role that GI systems can … Read more

Making Strategic Investments in Bike Share Stations to Increase Usage

  • August 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Jueyu Wang and Greg Lindsey

Does the installation of more bike share stations increase use of the system among members? If so, is the effect the same for all members, in all areas of the … Read more

Using Twitter to Measure Wellbeing in Parks and Urban Green Space

  • August 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Richard Plunz et al.

This brief reports findings from a study offering an exploration of how social media, and in particular twitter, can be used to evaluate social behavior in public spaces. It tries … Read more

Vacancy and Mobility Implications of Informal Footpaths in Shrinking Cities

  • August 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Alec Foster and Josh Newell

This journal brief shares findings from a study that documents and considers the implications of informal footpaths, also known as desire lines, in the Lower Eastside area of Detroit. Using … Read more

Reviewing Stormwater Utility Fees for Efficiency, Equity, Adequacy and Feasibility

  • April 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Jerry Zhao, Camila Fonseca, and Raihana Zeerak

Stormwater utility fees (SUFs) are on the rise among US municipalities. What do local decision makers need to know about SUFs and how should they be thinking about SUFs in … Read more

Distributed Electricity-Based Heating Systems and Renewable Energy Scenario Planning

  • April 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Shengxi Yuan, Wendell Stainsby, Mo Li, Kewei Xu, Michael Waite, Dan Zimmerle, Richard Feiock, Anu Ramaswami, Vijay Modi

As residential heating converts from natural gas-based to electricity-based systems, can enough renewable energy be generated locally to meet most, if not all, of increased electricity demand? This study uses … Read more

Understanding the Social Benefits of Community Gardens in East Harlem

  • April 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Nada Petrovic, Troy Simpson, Ben Orlove, and Bryan Dowd-Uribe

This study is motivated by an interest in understanding whether an ecosystem services perspective on community gardens (heat island mitigation, food cultivation, etc.) can be combined with attention to the … Read more

Resource Requirements of Inclusive Urban Development in India

  • September 2018
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Ajay Nagpure and Anu Ramaswami

What are the energy and resource requirements of equitable and inclusive urban development? Understanding the resource requirements of developing more inclusive cities in India is the focus of this paper. … Read more

Can Local Food Production Meet Household Demand? A Look at 377 US Metros

  • August 2018
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Peter Nixon and Anu Ramaswami

What food is already being produced in and around cities in the United States? How does current food production in a given metropolitan area compare to household demand for key … Read more

Electric, Autonomous, and Shared Vehicle Technology Adoption

  • August 2018
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Neil Quarles and Kara Kockelman

With the ongoing advancement of electric, autonomous, and shared vehicle technologies, how readily will Americans adopt these technologies, and what are their opinions towards them? A survey of 1,426 adult … Read more

Urban Tree Pit Design Factors for Stormwater Management Performance

  • July 2018
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Robert Elliott, Elizabeth Adkins, Patricia Culligan, Matthew Palmer

Street trees in the urban environment provide important ecosystem services including stormwater management, reducing pollutant discharges and flooding by lessening surface runoff. Does the design of an urban tree pit … Read more

City-level Action to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Food Systems

  • May 2018
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Dana Boyer and Anu Ramaswami

How do city-level actions related to food production, consumption, and food waste management affect the greenhouse gas (GHG), water and land impacts of the larger food system? Footprints of urban … Read more

What Affects Local Government Climate Policy Adoption?

  • November 2017
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Multiple

Why do local governments in the US voluntarily adopt climate policies or climate protection plans when they could easily “free load” on the climate actions of other jurisdictions? A study … Read more

Regional Modeling of Shared Autonomous Vehicle Travel Patterns, Preferences and Impacts

  • August 2017
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Jun Liu, Kara Kockelman, Patrick Boesch, Francesco Ciari

How does a system of shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) perform in a metropolitan region when modeled to mimic real-world daily travel behaviors? Will SAVs return sustainability gains for metropolitan regions … Read more

Hotspot Analysis and Strategic Siting of Green Infrastructure to Maximize Ecosystem Service Provision

  • March 2017
  • Journal Brief
  • Author: Sara Meerow and Josh Newell

Ecosystem services are the social and ecological benefits that are provided to humans by the natural environment. Where should cities strategically locate green infrastructure (GI) to address the needs of … Read more

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