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Electric, Autonomous, and Shared Vehicle Technology Adoption

  • August 2018
  • Journal Brief
  • Neil Quarles and Kara Kockelman

With the ongoing advancement of electric, autonomous, and shared vehicle technologies, how readily will Americans adopt these technologies, and what are their opinions towards them? A survey of 1,426 adult Americans gauges their interest in and intentions to adopt these technologies, as well as opinions on related policies.

Additionally, evolution of the United States vehicle fleet is simulated until year 2050. Multiple scenarios, calibrated with the survey results, are considered to forecast adoption and the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) produced by each technology. An additional survey of 2,588 Americans is also conducted to better understand autonomous vehicle travel preferences.

Download the brief using the link at the bottom of the page. 

This brief is adapted from the following peer-reviewed journal articles:

-Quarles, N. & K.M Kockelman. (Forthcoming). America’s Fleet Evolution in an Automated Future. Under review for publication in Transportation Research Part D.

-Quarles, N. & K.M. Kockelman. (Forthcoming). America’s Plans for Acquiring and Using Electric Shared and Self-Driving Vehicles. Under review for publication in Transportation Research Record.

-Gurumurthy, K.M. & K.M. Kockelman. (Forthcoming). Modeling Americans’ Autonomous Vehicle Preferences: A Focus on Dynamic Ride-Sharing, Privacy, & Long Distance Mode Choices. Under review for publication in Transportation Research Part C.

A self-driving Volvo SUV operated by Uber driving on the street.
A self-driving SUV operated by Uber. Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Dllu

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