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Making Strategic Investments in Bike Share Stations to Increase Usage

  • August 2019
  • Journal Brief
  • Jueyu Wang and Greg Lindsey

Does the installation of more bike share stations increase use of the system among members? If so, is the effect the same for all members, in all areas of the city? This study considers changes in accessibility (distance) to bike share stations, either as a result of new construction or the relocation of old stations, for the Nice Ride bike share system in Minneapolis and Saint Paul (MN) analyzing whether such changes affect frequency of use by members, considering variation across neighborhoods.

Download the two-page journal brief using the link at the bottom of this page. 

This brief is adapted from the following peer-reviewed journal article: Wang, J. & G. Lindsey. (2019). Do new bike share stations increase member use: A quasi-experimental study. Transportation Research Part A. 121 (2019), 1-11. Access the full article here.

Nice Ride bike share station in Minneapolis.
Nice Ride bike share station in Minneapolis. Photo Credit: Tony Webster, Wikimedia Commons.

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