Policy & Action

Policy & Action

The SRN’s policy outreach activities will translate our research to action, resulting in powerful broader impacts for governments and society.

Participatory approaches with industry and policy partners are central to the research activities carried out by the SRN. We will provide feedback to our policy partners on a regular basis and assist in their efforts to apply knowledge from the testbeds to practice. The wider diffusion of the knowledge and policy innovations produced in the SRN will be shared with the professional and policy communities through research presentations for practitioners and SRN workshops for government officials.

  • City and utility managers will be involved in SRN research from the onset, including research involving the testbeds (Theme 2) as well as in visualizing urban futures under alternate policy scenarios (Theme 3). Such partnerships have potential to impact practical on-the-ground actions and policies relating to adoption of various infrastructure solutions. Testbed researchers will meet on a periodic basis with governmental officials in testbed communities to sharpen the research questions, provide feedback, share research results, and assist in translating research into programmatic actions.
  • Professional associations of city managers, urban planners, public administrators, utility directors, and regional councils will be presented with research results and policy briefs from researchers.

Policy Outreach and Training

Three workshops will be developed jointly with our policy partners (NLC, ICLEI, and ICMA), who will disseminate policy insights from this SRN to more than 29,000 cities in the U.S. and abroad. These workshops will be offered to city managers and sustainability directors. The goal is to get their input to the research, as well as create materials for outreach and training.

  • Workshop 1 – Define and measure EHL outcomes (translating research from Theme 1). This workshop will explore what EHL means to different cities.
  • Workshop 2 – Integrated infrastructure solutions (drawing upon Theme 2). This workshop will share policy and design innovations across cities and testbeds.
  • Workshop 3 – Visualize urban futures under alternate policy scenarios (Theme 3) to connect decision support models to decision-makers.