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Regional Modeling of Shared Autonomous Vehicle Travel Patterns, Preferences and Impacts

  • August 2017
  • Journal Brief
  • Jun Liu, Kara Kockelman, Patrick Boesch, Francesco Ciari

How does a system of shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) perform in a metropolitan region when modeled to mimic real-world daily travel behaviors? Will SAVs return sustainability gains for metropolitan regions or will they increase total vehicle miles traveled? The answer may be both.

This study simulated SAV system performance under different per-mile fare scenarios in and around the city of Austin, Texas covering a metro-region of 2.3 million residents and some 895,000 households.

Download the brief using the link at the bottom of the page.

This brief is adapted from the following peer-reviewed journal article: Liu, J., Kockelman, K.M., Boesch, P.M., & F. Ciari. (2017). “Tracking a system of shared autonomous vehicles across the Austin, Texas network using agent-based simulation.” Transportation, 44(6), 1261-1278. Access the original article here.

Photo credit: Grendelkhan, Wikimedia Commons

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