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What Affects Local Government Climate Policy Adoption?

  • November 2017
  • Journal Brief
  • Multiple

Why do local governments in the US voluntarily adopt climate policies or climate protection plans when they could easily “free load” on the climate actions of other jurisdictions? A study of 376 cities in Florida over the course of 5 years helps understand trends in why cities might adopt climate action plans despite the carbon reduction benefits of such plans being “non-excludable”—meaning everyone benefits, not just residents of the jurisdiction.

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This brief is adapted from the following peer-reviewed journal article: Yi H., Feiock R., & F. Berry. (2017). “Overcoming Collective Action Barriers to Energy Sustainability: A Longitudinal Study of Climate Protection Accord Adoption by Local Governments.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 79: 339-346. Access the original article here.

A view of signs from a climate change march demanding climate protection policies.
Photo Credit: Mark Dixon, Wikimedia Commons

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