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Drivers of Policy Instrument Selection for Environmental Management by Local Governments

  • January 2019
  • Issue Brief

Krause, R.M., Hawkins, C.V., Park, A.Y.S., & Feiock, R. (2019). Drivers of Policy Instrument Selection for Environmental Management by Local Governments. Public Administration Review, 79(4). doi: 10.1111/puar.13025.

ABSTRACT: Local governments commonly pursue environmental objectives that exceed state and federal minimum requirements. Although research informs our understanding of factors that lead cities to adopt such policy goals, the underlying mechanisms employed to achieve them are not well understood. This article examines factors that drive the choice of policy instruments that cities use to pursue local environmental objectives. The literature links the structure of the local governing body, characteristics of the community and target populations, and the nature of the policy problem to instrument selection. Building on this, the authors model the dynamics shaping cities’ use of regulations, financial incentives, or combination thereof, to pursue a variety of different environmental objectives. Results indicate that community racial composition and political leaning influence instrument choice when policy targets the public at large. Alternatively, when policy targets particular stakeholder groups, such as developers, the characteristics of the local governing body are of greater importance.

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