CONVENING: SHC Participates in International Workshops to Advance Science of Co-production

December 18, 2018

Sustainable Healthy Cities (SHC) Network research manager Sam Tabory recently participated in two workshops on the topic of co-production for knowledge and research advancement with practice and policy communities.

The first workshop explored co-production and co-creation for urban transitions and was hosted by the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions. The second workshop considered new directions in academic-practitioner engagement in public management and administration research and was hosted jointly by the University of Barcelona, the University of California Santa Barbra, and University College London.

Professor Anu Ramaswami of the University of Minnesota, who leads the SHC Network, was a co-author on both of the papers presented at these workshops which are expected to lead to special issue publications. Professor Richard Feiock of Florida State University, who co-directs the SHC Network, is a co-author on the paper exploring directions in academic-practitioner research collaborations.

Co-production, co-creation and academic-practitioner collaborations are emerging as particularly important topics among researchers seeking to generate actionable, relevant, and credible science on complex topics that intersect with policy and practice arenas. The SHC Network  actively leverages co-produced science-to-action approaches in its interdisciplinary work on sustainable urban infrastructure transitions, but it also seeks to directly contribute to an emerging science of co-production unto itself.

SHC researchers and city practitioners engaged in a panel discussion at the network’s annual meeting in August 2017.