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Kara Kockelman part of UT Austin team to address U.S. transportation challenges

May 12, 2017

The Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin is one of four institutions selected by the National Science Foundation to partner with government agencies and private … Read more

Virtual Forum: Water-Wastewater and Stormwater-Green Infrastructure, Pt. 1

April 14, 2017

Join us today, Friday, 4/14, for a discussion on: Water-Wastewater and Stormwater-Green Infrastructure, Pt.1: Led by: Dr. Paige Novak (University of Minnesota) & Dr. Lut Raskin (University of Michigan) Discussing: What does (and can and … Read more

Virtual Forum: Richard Plunz and Dana Boyer discuss Urban Agriculture and Food Systems

April 12, 2017

Join us Wednesday, 4/12, for a discussion on: Urban Agriculture and Food Systems, Pt. 2: Led by: Prof. Richard Plunz (Columbia University) Discussing: The Food System in New York City & Dana Boyer (PhD, University … Read more

Student Feature: Ecosystem Services of Urban Farms by Xinyu Liu and Varsha Gopalakrishnan

April 11, 2017

Xinyu Liu and Varsha Gopalakrishnan, PhD students in Prof. Bhavik Bakshi’s group at The Ohio State University work on integrating the role of ecosystem services into engineering design and decision … Read more

Virtual Forum: Transportation Design & Policy for Sustainable Healthy Cities (Pt.2)

March 23, 2017

Join us Friday for a discussion on: Transportation Design & Policy for Sustainable Healthy Cities, Pt. 2: Potential Outcomes from (Shared, Electric) Automated Vehicles Led by: Frank Douma (University of Minnesota) & Dr. … Read more

Student Feature: Turning waste into biofuel by Shilva Shrestha and Xavier Fonoll at UMich

March 22, 2017

Shilva Shrestha, a current PhD student, and Xavier Fonoll, a post-doctoral fellow, in Professor Lutgarde Raskin’s research group at the University of Michigan, started a collaborative project between the University … Read more

External Advisory Committee visits University of Minnesota for annual review meeting

March 13, 2017

On March 7-8, the SRN’s External Advisory Committee (EAC) met with lead faculty and staff in Minneapolis. The EAC, led by Raj Rajan from Ecolab, has members from industry, government … Read more

Virtual Forum: Transportation Design & Policy for Sustainable Healthy Cities – Part 1

March 09, 2017

Join us Friday for a discussion on: Transportation Design and Policy for Sustainable Healthy Cities, Pt.1: Outcomes from Land Use, Transit, and Bicycling Led by: Anu Ramaswami (University of Minnesota) Discussing: Summary of lessons … Read more

Virtual Forum: Chan, Orlove, Curley and Feiock discuss Energy and Urban Infrastructure

March 02, 2017

Join us Friday for a discussion on: Energy and Urban Infrastructure Led by: Gabe Chan (University of Minnesota) Discussing: Community Solar, Financing and Equity (2:30-3:00) Ben Orlove (Columbia University) Discussing: Decision Architecture, Messaging and Energy … Read more

Virtual Panel: Distributed Energy in Cities

February 23, 2017

Join us Friday for a Virtual Panel on: Distributed Energy in Cities Led by: Dan Zimmerle (Colorado State), Sairaj Dhople (University of Minnesota), Vijay Modi (Columbia University), Mo Li (University of Minnesota), & Anu Ramaswami … Read more