Diversity and Inclusion

Underrepresented groups will be included in the SRN team through a strategy that encompasses student recruitment, partnerships with tribal colleges, and the composition of the faculty investigators.

Student Recruitment

The SRN will partner with current high-impact diversity programs in each SRN school to attract under-represented minority students.  Click on one of the SRN schools to learn about specific programs:

Colorado State | Columbia University | Florida State | Georgia Tech | Ohio State | University of Michigan | University of Minnesota | University of Texas-Austin

Partnership with Tribal Colleges

The SRN will partner with a local organizations to support the education of Native American students with the hope they transition to four-year programs at our universities and then into graduate programs with SRN faculty.


Diverse SRN Faculty

This SRN has a diverse faculty team.  Three of five SRN Principal Investigators and 60% of management team are women. The lead PI is Asian and the education lead is African-American.